The Aloha Beer Company Brewery is the center and source of our Aloha ‘Spirit.’ Our brewery has been brewing Hawaii’s finest beers since 1997. We control each step of the brewing process and ensure that we use only the finest natural ingredients: pure Hawaiian water mixed with the best malted barley and hops available. Our beer is carefully and methodically brewed by our Aloha Beer Brewmaster, Dave Campbell who is commonly referred to as the “Pioneer of Craft Beer” in the Hawaii beer community.




Dave Campbell is passionate about beer and has been developing new recipes and techniques since he first discovered craft brewing in 1985. He was born and raised in Hawaii, a 1985 graduate of Punahou School. He received a BA from the University of Oregon in 1991.

Dave started home brewing at a young age and founded O’ahu Home Brewing Supply until 1997 when he became the Brewmaster at Sam Choy’s. Dave taught at the University of Hawaii Leisure Studies Program and did consulting work and brewing for Ali’i Brewing Company. He has authored many articles on brewing and the history of brewing in Hawaii.